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Welcome to Vital Strategies Podcast, where entrepreneurs learn how to pay less tax, build wealth and live a great life. The podcast is hosted by Patrick Lonergan who has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and helping people with their finances. As the founder of Vital Wealth, they have become the premier solution for entrepreneurs looking to reduce their tax bill with the average client tax savings being over $280,000.

Consulting Clients Have An Average Tax Savings Of $280K+ per year
Our Mission Wave
$8.5 mil Saved in taxes

Our Mission

Helping Entrepreneurs Pay Less Tax, Build More Wealth and Live a Great Life

At Vital Strategies Podcast, our mission is simple yet powerful – to empower visionary entrepreneurs, like you, to take control of your finances and retain more of your hard-earned income so you can live a great life. At Vital Strategies, we bring together expertise and real-world results to redefine your approach to taxes and wealth building.

A Network of Financial Excellence

Within the Vital Strategies network we collaborate with a diverse group of third party planning partners. Those partners are experts in the fields of tax, legal, investments, and insurance.

As your wealth grows so does the complexity you have to manage. That complexity is constantly changing with takes you away from the things you enjoy.

Your Path

Financial Success

The Vital Strategies Podcast are your partners in unlocking your wealth by paying less tax. Our episodes cover all aspects of your financial life, providing actionable insights, expert interviews, and real success stories. By tuning in, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to craft a well-rounded financial strategy that aligns with your unique goals.

Lets Answer Our Clients Most Frequent Questions

Why is proactive tax planning important for entrepreneurs?
What are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to tax planning?
How can tax planning contribute to a more balanced work-life dynamic for entrepreneurs?
How can I effectively plan for taxes while considering changes in tax laws and regulations?

Consulting Clients Have An Average Tax Savings Of $280,000

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